ISSUE 99 -



“A cup of coffee that ends with a photoshoot.”


Back on the fact! Women in suit or blazer was a kind of revolution in the fashion industry, in the 1900s. If we go back through the past years. Specific at the ends of 60s, after a talented and audacious man known as Yves Saint Laurent present a collection based on women wearing  Le Smoking. It was the first man who introduced smoking for women in haute-couture. Le smoking is a translation of the word “tuxedo” in French. An outfit both elegant, chic, casual and of course who gives a kind of authority for women's.

Today wearing a suit or just a blazer is considered as a classic outfit, for women. The fact is that it became such an icon that the brand ensured that some manifestation of it was included in every subsequent fashion collection, continuing up to present day with the YSL’s current head designer, from Stefano Pilati to Hedi Slimane. Over the years, the tuxedo suit has reappeared in a huge variety of guises and fabrics. “ Just like the blazer, Irina wearing today after a long day of work.”


WHO,  Irina Lakicevic

WHAT, Unknown
WHEN, Summer 2015
WHERE, Norway, Bergen, Kong Oscars gate