ISSUE 101 -

Cool, sexy and 


Just some words who can make a little different. Looks cool, sexy and handsome or maybe just nice is important even if you don't worry or do not have time. A multi-faceted on which I try to record through Le Marcél. « An obsession of the 2010s », where everyone want to look cool, sexy and handsome in our times. Just like the supermodel, the hottest footballer or actor. — Because Vogue says «thinner is better», or Men's Fitness magazine tell us how we should trainer or healthy eating. Most of people would say «All this is just bullshit, we are already cool, sexy and handsome, don't you? Sure, who doesn’t. »

“Just like I always says; looks cool, sexy and handsome is one thing” — However, the point is not why is it so important? But, it is how to feel better when you look cool, sexy or handsome ”

WHO, Mr Paul Marcel Malemo
WHAT, Adidas  | T-shirt