ISSUE 136 -


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Illustrations by Mr Paul M. Malemo

Home for the Holidays


We are all probably traveling or on the road for the year-end celebration. Festive travellers among you will no doubt be pondering the question of " how to look nice and stylish" while sitting in a car or on a plane flying across the country to see loved ones. But when it comes to how should we look nice and stylish or what should we wear, when we will meeting our family or friends. This issue are always current when we draw near to december.


Wherever you are... Dressed in a suit may be the usual outfit by the most of us men. Especially in the scandinavia. A Suit from Frislid, Tiger of Sweden or Moods of Norway are quite elegant to look chic. All you need is just to look simple, with a touch of poetry to your suit.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication
— Leonardo da Vinci


WHO, Bendik Finborud and Einar Tungesvik Helleve


Frislid | suits
Van Heusen | shirts
Connexion | Tie