Le Marcél is not a lifestyle page, but a menswear, streetwear (street style) page since 2012. The site was launched for two reasons, where the first was to inspire men to dress well and the second to give them a clear image of what fashion is. Everything it's about the urban, classic, sophistication, chic and elegant vision of fashion. I take more importance of art, clothes, passion, inspiration, creativity and shoes in one's projected and perceived image. — A visual of Paul Marcel's philosophy of life. A place where fashion and art, comes first.

Today Le Marcél is not just a menswear page. It's become a global language. A place where Paul Marcel introduces architecture into his world of art, and an areal for style, how you can find some street shoots of women too or inspiration. The basic is to inspired people and to keep them updated to the latest trends.

Mr. Paul M. in Bergen, Norway  (2015)

Mr. Paul M. in Bergen, Norway  (2015)


Paris means everything to me, but I can’t define myself as a Parisian



The site is curated and edited by Paul Marcel Malemo the author. He's born in 1994, in South Africa (Johannesburg). The young boy has lived in Congo throughout his childhood, and in Norway the whole teenager. Today is an architecture student with a lot of passion, objective and creativity at BAS (Bergen School of Architecture). But right now you can find him in Norway, both Bergen – a city known as “the gateway to the fjords of Norway” and in Voss or in Paris. As he always said; “Norway is my home, but Paris is my city.” – But Africa remains my continent.




Jeg tenker at arkitektur handler om å se hvor folk kan trives og se nye former og muligheter som gjør at du trives, og at det kan passe inn i rette sammenhenger. I mine vandringer i Norge både i byer og i naturen leter jeg ubevisst etter vakre motiv - det stygge kan også av og til være vakkert. Jeg finner stor glede i å fotografere bygninger og deler av bygninger som sier meg noe. Fargevalg, vindusplassering, gjenskinn fra trafikk og dagslys - alt dette opptar meg. Jeg liker å oppleve slike øyeblikk alene, det gir meg glede å komponere bilder, vise hus og aktører i bybildet fra ukjente vinkler.

 — Mr. Paul M.


Oslo, Norway


bergen, Norway


Normandie, France


Paris, France (argenteuil)



Being curious is my life motto. The guiding principle I have given myself, to always be curious about what's out there in the world and being open to new impressions. It's through being curious, that today I can say what is nice and ugly or what is harmonious and dynamic. Although it's easy to say that "What's bad today can be nice tomorrow."


Voilà un croquis de corps humains, dessiné par un ami. J'ai eu l'opportunité de voir cette image la semaine derniere, tout en regardant son projet d'etude en architecture quand il etait en Norvège. Et je ne peux que dire: “j'adore cette image... le concept est impressionnant. L'image reflète beaucoups de choses a la fois.” C'est incroyable.


A sketch of human bodies, drawn by my friend Olivier Thomas. I had the opportunity to see this picture when he came to see me in norway in 2015, just before I started to study architecture in Bergen. A sketch of human bodies that inspired me and still inspires me today.





F/S (Fashion and Style)

Fashion is also something I'm interested. Because when I came to Norway as a young boy, I had to use eyes and all the senses to acquire knowledge for my new country. There I also think my aesthetic sense developed. I become aware of the beauty when I will find comfort in a new and difficult situation.